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Our vibrant landscape artists in Honolulu, HI

Sean Kimizuka

Sean Kimizuka is printmaker in Honolulu.  To purchase a work from  Sean Kimizuka or to learn more about his portfolio, contact him today at Pacific Gallery and Frames.

Hajime Okuda 

Hajime Okuda's landscapes effortlessly transport one to the scenic oceanside retreats of the Hawaiian coastline. The subtle mists, panoramic horizons and cresting waves lure even the most sea-shy into the welcoming coves of Okuda's vibrant imagination.

With a fondness for light and a detailed eye for local color, his current catalogue of oil paintings is on display and available for purchase at Pacific Gallery and Frames in Honolulu, HI. Hajime Okuda welcomes you to come and view his gallery today.

James Koga

James Koga's prints provide an emotionally heightened and otherworldly glimpse into the Chinese calendar and beyond. Combining the turbulence and travail of the spirit world with the traditional simplicity and realism of the animal kingdom, Koga's work manages to be both macabre and light-hearted at once.

His gripping and creative perspective exists on a unique wavelength, harnessing past traditions through an estranged and apocalyptic lens. If you wish to see more prints from James Koga , contact him today through Pacific Gallery & Frames in Honolulu, HI.
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